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Green Construction On The Rise

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Looking to save some money in the long-run?  Want to live in a home that’s high quality?  Live green.  Truth be told, the economy and the foreclosure market are still facing troubled times and for some, it may seem tough wanting to put money into turning a home eco-friendly.  Understood… but here’s the kicker:  The green construction industry has huge predictions of growth within the next four years and sooner or later, you may be left behind.  GREEN, in general, has become bigger and better each year in the Land of 10,000 Lakes!  In Minnesota, we’re aware of the recent Living Green Expo and the upcoming Minnesota State Fair’s ECO EXPERIENCE 12-day exhibits.  Let’s not forget about NICE RIDE MINNESOTA, a seemingly popular form of summer transportation across the cities, only $65 a year!  The list goes on and on for MN green…

Importance of Green Homes:

  • Make a global impact and statementGreen Homes
  • Reduces home construction waste
  • Recycling!
  • Improves air quality
  • Comfortable space, less toxins
  • Save H2O
  • Saving energy costs for consumers
  • Higher quality & better value
  • Differentiate your home!

There is a definite shift in the market when we’re referring to green practices.  People in the city are learning to become more energy efficient and are seeking out homes with green construction.  You most likely are thinking that green products are “too spendy!”  Just remember, the more popular green construction becomes, the more reasonable the products will become compared to traditional home construction.  We work closely with local green builders that can construct a beautiful, green home that resembles the look and feel of a traditional home, with a little edge!  Contact us for more information.



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